We support the following payment methonds:

Transferwise,Worldremit,Western Uion,Bank transfer,Moneygram..Both of these payment methods support:Credit card, debit card,Visa card ,bank debit

*what payment methods i can choose?

1. You can choose Wise(Transferwise):

The following is our Wise payment information: (Receiver Currency is : *CNY*)

Payment link: https://wise.com

Wise Account:[email protected]

Name:Timothy pena

2. You can also choose Western Union:

3. You can also choose Bank Transfer:

As for the payment,we support transferwise(wise),western union ,bank transfer ......Please dm us via whatsapp or email with the payment details

Email:[email protected]

Whatsapp:+852 95155199(https://wa.me/message/PQVV236JNK7MC1)